A Letter from our President

Barry Waud

For all our Members

I trust that you are managing somehow to survive this Coronavirus crisis.  Whether it is with the help of strangers, neighbours or family those of us confined to our home will be grateful to someone.  It has to be said that we are all living a new experience.  Not since the dark days of World War II have some of us seen society pull together in such a determined manner.

At this time of the year we would normally be looking forward to longer days, a summer season of garden events augmenting the Old Rockers’ promotions of tributes & other musical moments.  Sadly, all of these functions have been put on ice until such time as Boris tells us we can re-open the Club doors.

In the meantime, we are having to amuse ourselves.  Cupboards we didn’t even know existed have been cleaned out, scrubbed & re-stacked with “stuff that will come in handy one day”.  No doubt past memories have been rekindled as that photograph which went missing years ago emerged from the back of the drawer.

During the past few weeks I have been asked several times if the Club will be able to survive this lockdown.  At the beginning of the crisis your Committee held an emergency meeting which was followed by a series of unanimous conclusions and agreements.  It was decided to retain Paul as our steward, to follow all the Government guidelines, and do everything we can to ensure we will have a Club to go back to.

As much as I am tempted to thank so many people by name for what they have done during the past few weeks I will resist and say, “they know who they are”.  The rest of us must never take anything that happens in the Club for granted.  Things don’t just happen.  Behind every action someone has devoted their time for the benefit of our community, your Club.

As President of the Club I have only one official duty each year, to chair the AGM. That was planned to happen this week but now we will have to wait until later in the year once the lockdown has been lifted.  Nevertheless, I must make you aware of one specific contribution to the Club.

Notwithstanding my previous comments I wish to pay a special tribute to the exceptional efforts of one person throughout this crisis.  Carol Saville, our Secretary has diligently tracked the advice that has flooded in from all directions.  Not only has she managed to sift through the complicated small print but ensured we adhere to the letter of the law in following the Government’s guidelines.  Furthermore, she has navigated us through a minefield of financial issues.  Thank you, Carol.

This difficult time is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our relationship with others and put them into the wider perspective of life.  This could be a good time to pick up your phone or send an email to tell someone you are thinking of them.

Finally, I would say to you all, stay safe and we’ll be there to welcome you back when Boris gives us the all clear.


Barry Waud
President, 15 April 2020