A reasonable standard of dress is expected of members and their guests at all times in the Club.  

On Saturday evenings and at functions smart casual dress is required as follows.

Jeans are allowed, but these must not be faded, have patches or holes.  
No football shirts, football shorts or trainers allowed.
Men must wear shirts with sleeves and collars.
Tailored shorts may be worn.

The Steward and Bar Staff are instructed to refuse to serve any member or guest who is inappropriately dressed.

2. Only members of the Club shall be permitted to hire the Function Room for private functions. The member who hires the Function Room shall accept all the terms and conditions of hire, including responsibility for the conduct of all those involved with the function. The terms and conditions of hire shall be reviewed from time to time by the Committee.

3. No alcohol is to be supplied to or purchased on behalf of persons under the age of eighteen.

4. Children under the age of sixteen are not permitted in the Members’ Bar.

5. Children under the age of thirteen are not permitted in the Club after 8.00 p.m.

6. Persons under the age of eighteen are not permitted to use the gaming machine.

7. Persons under the age of fourteen are not permitted to use the snooker tables.

8. No credit shall be allowed for intoxicants supplied by the Club.

9. Only intoxicants supplied by the Club may be consumed on the premises.

10. The Steward/ Bar Person is authorised to refuse service to any person who appears to be inebriated.

11. All complaints and suggestions shall be made to the Secretary in writing.

12. All complaints against employees, or in regard to domestic arrangements of the Club, shall be addressed to the Secretary in writing and he shall submit the same for determination by the General Committee.

13. No bill, placard, notice or newspaper shall be posted or distributed on or about the Club premises without the permission of the General Committee or some person authorised by them.

14. A copy of the Club’s Rules and Bye-Laws shall at all times be exhibited in a prominent position On the Club’s premises.

15. The Steward has been granted a concession to provide refreshments to the Members at such tariff as he/she may determine.

16. Mobile phones are not to be used in the bars.

17. The posting and removal of notices is subject to the approval of the General Committee.